Elegance: A Women's Rugby Story

Elegance is a feature length documentary exploring the world of American women’s rugby. Following players at different levels of the game, the women balance practice, work, training, and home life while facing challenges on and off the field. These resilient female athletes fight for their dreams through various injuries despite constantly being told girls shouldn’t play contact sports. New players struggle to find a path to the elite level of this relatively unknown game. A veteran who has given the last decade of her life to rugby face retirement. A young athlete wrestles with sudden injury. This is a story of camaraderie, endurance, and passion. Each story is a journey and each journey is the story of women’s rugby.


Film Festival Premiere Planned for 2019


In Development

CANdidate - documentary short

A compilation of interviews as well as portraits of women running for office in 2018. The goal is to discuss the political female voice in our country, on all sides. Winning or losing, left, right, middle, center or outer space.

Why are they running? Why serve in public office? What are looking to accomplish? What was the event/moment when they decided to participate in America's political system? What do their friends and family say?

Just a conversation about being in politics.


UNTITLED STEM PROJECT  - documentary short

Like CANdidate, this project will be a compilation of interviews and portraits of women who work in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). How did they become interested in STEM and choose it as a career? What has their work experience been like? Did they ever consider leaving STEM? Why did they stay in their field?

Just a conversation about working in STEM.